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Barre Community History Project -

A post card showing both depots in Depot Square after 1908
post card

This community history project was a collaboration between the Barre Historical Society and Barre City Elementary and Middle School to explore the story of one of the most important sites relating to the historic development of the City of Barre, .

The 2005 sixth grade class (assisted by their teacher, the late Maggie Bensen, and members of the Barre Historical Society) carried out a program of historical research and writing. The results of their work were exhibited at Vermont Historical Society's Community History Project Celebration on the State House Lawn in Montpelier (May 18, 2005) and the Vermont History Expo 2005 at the Tunbridge Fair Grounds (June 25-26, 2005).

This website tells how they carried out their project and samples the fruits of their labors.

Archive photographs used on this website courtesy of the Aldrich Public Library, Vermont Historical Society, the Library of Congress, and Robert Mercier, and modern photos courtesy of the Barre Historical Society, the Barre City Elementary and Middle School, and Michael Papi.