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Barre Community History Project -

What We Did: Part 1

The project began in the summer of 2004 when a group of newly-promoted former fifth graders started work by assembling in Depot Square to scout the territory.

They gathered to reprise a picture of young newsboys taken on the same spot a century earlier.

Then they visited the Barre Granite Museum Visitors' Center, housed in the one of the two former depot buildings.

The students explained what they liked about studying history and why they were willing to take time from their summer vacations to participate in the project:

  • I like to see how changes happen over years.
  • I like to know about how things were.
  • I like learning about places I don't know about.
  • I like comparing how stuff was back then and how things are now.
  • I like learning about things that others don't know.

Left: Depot before 1908. Right: Depot kids 2004.
1908 photo depot photo