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What We Learned: Moving People

The student researchers found many materials relating to passenger traffic on the railways from Barre, such as timetables, tickets, advertisements, fare tables. They discovered that people took the train for business and for recreation.

In the course of an oral history interview, they learned which railway lines ran through Depot Square and why there are two stations They also learned that people often took the trains just for short local trips to visit relatives.

Video Clips:

Depot & Railways (MPEG 9.6MB)
Train Trips (MPEG 5.3MB)

Left: Montpelier & Barre suburban passenger train pulled by a little Forney engine, the Arthur Tandy - winter 1892-1893; Right: Central Vermont Rail Road leased lines and connections - 1885
This map shows every single stop that the train from Depot Square goes to in New England. It goes North all the way to Quebec, and South all the way to New York City. (Click map for a PDF version.) map photo
statehouse photo

The Arthur Tandy dropped freight to the freight house and dropped off passengers. The train went to anywhere the Central Vermont Rail Road tracks would take them. The train was a recreational train. It would bring them to cricket, races, and Canada, St. Albans and New York.

Trolley car run by the Barre & Montpelier Traction & Power Company
trolley photo

Connecting transportation was available to take passengers and freight to and from the Depot.

This is a trolley in the intersection of Main Street. The cars could seat 28 people. With a ticket on the trolley, you can go to South Main Street, North Main Street, Washington Street, Main Line, Seminary Hill, and Blockade.

The relationship between the railway and the trolleys was not always helpful.

Trolley accident blocks C.V.R.R. train tracks between Barre and Montpelier - 1927
trolley accident photo
It was a big part of history. The trolley took a nose dive off the road and went through the fence and landed on the track. The trains stopped running until #52 was back on the trolley track.

Teddy Roosevely in Barre, 1912
roosevelt photo

The students were fascinated by the pictures and newspaper accounts of Teddy Rosevelt's campaign stop in Barre in 1912. Although they were not able to find any evidence that he arrived in Barre by train, they were determined to include his visit in their exhibit:

"One Huge Mass of People" This is how the Barre Daily Times described the throng that greeted presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt when he came to Barre on the campaign trail. According to the newspaper, "Trains and street cars brought large loads of people…," enabling the gathering of the largest audience in Barre's history.

postcard image

The postcard on the right was a memorial of the day.

Teddy Roosevelt came and made his speech on August 31, 1912 to be reelected for president.

Edith was in the foreground and wrote a postcard. Her little boy Osman was sitting on a cousin's shoulder.

(Click postcard image for a PDF version.)