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Cornwall PROJECT
Victor Wright
Ralph Rodney Robbins
& Anna Salome Robbins
Catherine Emma
Robbins Clifford

E. Rodney Robbins

Student comments
and reflections
about the project
Sites of Cornwall
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Seeing Cornwall's Past Through Its People

Responses and Comments about the Community History Project By Cornwall Fourth Grade Students

"I loved The Train Ride story because I think it was funny when Victor fell asleep on the train and had to get shoved off."

"I enjoyed listening to the stories the community members told us. Most of them were very funny."

"I loved hearing the stories about E. Rodney Robbins because they were really funny. I also loved seeing the old barns on his property."

"I enjoyed listening to the Petticoat Strip story. Anna Mae really thought that piece of land was good land. Victor really tricked her."

"I liked it when we got to go to the houses the people had lived in and hear information about them all. I liked the picture of the ship."

"I liked being able to see 'Petticoat Strip' and where Victor died. Victor is my great, great, grandpa."

"I liked being around Catherine Robbins Clifford's house because it looked really old."

"I really liked seeing all of the places where the events took place and being able to go into the houses."

Cornwall Fourth Grade Students L to R: Nick, Joshua, Jonah, Forrest, Chris, Tyler, Kate, and Luke
students photo