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Hardwick PROJECT
Kindergarten -
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade

Third Grade

  • What was our community like in 1850 and how does this compare to today?
  • What did people do for work long ago?

How did the students explore this question?

  • The class went on a walking tour of Hardwick, looking for historical clues about earlier times.
  • The students studied Hardwick census data from 1850 and charted the population and occupations of residents at this time, with the help of sixth grade buddies. They then graphed their findings. (Attach "male-female, ages, professions, professions (2) & birth places)
  • Each third grader chose an occupation to research and prepared a presentation for the class.

The images on this page are cropped from scanned pages that include text. Click on an image to download a PDF version of the original scan with text.
male female chart
Page 1: Male-Female
professions chart
Page 3: Professions
ages chart
Page 2: Ages
professions chart
Professions: 1850 Census
birth places chart
Birth Places