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Hardwick PROJECT
Kindergarten -
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade

Fifth Grade

What was life like in a one room school house in Hardwick and how does that compare to today?

How did the students explore this question?

  • Each student was assigned a community pen pal. This person was a local resident who went to a one room school house or taught in one. After two round of letters, the class hosted a dinner to meet and thank their pen pals.
  • The class took a trip to Vermont Historical Society to participate in their "Being a Historian" program and to tour the library, focusing on Hardwick references and artifacts.
  • Greg Sharrow, from the Vermont Folklife center, offered oral history training, including interviewing a local one room school house teacher.
  • The students conducted research with primary sources (local newspaper, annual town report, etc.), including discovering the original one room school house summary report cards in the attic of the local supervisory union!
  • A professional ballad writer and singer introduced ballads. The students then wrote a ballad, capturing their one room school house pen pals' stories.
  • The class spent a day re-enacting life in a one room schoolhouse at the Cabot School House, incorporating some aspect of the persona of their pen pal into the day.

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pen pals photo
Pen Pal project
post card
Being a Historian
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Report Card discovery
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One Room School House Ballad
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