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Hardwick PROJECT
Kindergarten -
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade

Kindergarten - Second Grade

  • What do we know about food and gardening in Hardwick, past and present? How does it relate to the history of our town?
  • What was the Tulip Festival?

How did the students explore this question?

  • planting photo Raised bed gardens were built around the school, with the help of many community members. The children planted their first crop, tended the gardens and awaited the fall harvest.
  • The faculty joined the FEED program which provided curriculum support for teaching about food, healthy eating and gardening. Nutritious snacks and lunches became a focus.
  • The children learned about how farming was a central part of their town's history and visited local farms to understand more about agriculture.
  • Local Historical Society members came to class to share stories.
  • The community celebrated what the students had learned at a fall harvest festival.
  • The children studied the Hardwick Tulip festival, which had been a central feature of each Memorial day celebration until the late 1900eds. They captured what they had learned in books and planted tulips around the Hardwick Historical Society Depot building.
The images on this page are cropped from scanned pages that include text. Click on an image to download a PDF version of the original scan with text.
farm visit photo
Planting tulips
farm visit photo
Tulip Ball
farm visit photo
Mayploe Festival
farm visit photo
Farm visit
class photo
Historical Society Members with class
class photo
Tulip festival page one
class photo
class photo
Garden tours