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Jay/Westfield PROJECT
Westfield Town History
Farming in the Past
Life as a farmer
Maple Sugaring
The Jay Population
Jay Peak's History
The Old Bobbin Mill
History of Schools
An Organic Farm
Henry Bedell, A
Civil War Hero
The Civil War

Jay/Westfield: Our Communities Then and Now

The Jay/Westfield 5th and 6th graders decided to research a variety of topics in their two towns. Topics included their towns long ago, farming, maple sugaring, The Old Bobbin Mill, schools, Butterworks Farm, Jay Peak, the Civil War, and a Civil War hero from Westfield. The students were able to find primary and secondary resources and utilized The Hitchcock Memorial Library and Museum.

For most students interviewing was a main piece of their puzzle. To get things started, the students made phone calls to set up interviews which were sometimes done at school or at another site. The interviews were either video or audio taped. Many pictures were taken and old photos and newspaper clippings were scanned. Once the interviewing was complete students viewed or listened to their interviews to help them report on their findings. Students then took their written pieces to create power point presentations to showcase their work. As a finale we had a luncheon, at the Westfield Community Center (formally A Westfield Community School) to share our findings with all those who helped us in the process.