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Jay/Westfield PROJECT
Westfield Town History
Farming in the Past
Life as a farmer
Maple Sugaring
The Jay Population
Jay Peak's History
The Old Bobbin Mill
History of Schools
An Organic Farm
Henry Bedell, A
Civil War Hero
The Civil War


We dedicate this VT History Project to the towns of Jay and Westfield. We would like to thank all the people who helped us along the way.

river photo
  • Robert Beerworth
  • Mary Brenner
  • Alicia Couture
  • Edias Couture
  • Hazel Davis
  • Alice Gonyaw
  • Harold Hanes
  • Emeline Harmon
  • Clifton Kennison
  • Jack and Anne Lazor
  • Eileen Leblanc
  • Romeo Myott
  • Bill Stenger
  • Marshall Verge
  • The Hitchcock Memorial Library and Museum
  • The Jay Town Clerk Office and Staff
  • The Westfield Town Clerk Office and Staff
Thanks to all the past, present, and future individuals who make our towns what they are!