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Life as a Farmer 50 Years Ago

farmer01 photoThe life of Mr. Couture is very interesting because he is an elder so he knows a lot about what the people had to do for work from about the year 1900-1960. I have a lot of information about Mr. Couture's life and I hope you think that it is interesting.

When Mr. Couture was a child, he had to wake up at 4 a.m. to do his chores. Each morning when he did his chores, it took him 2-4 hours to do them, depending if he had the help of his father or not.

Mr. Couture and his 7 siblings never had to worry about riding a long, boring bus ride because there was only a fence between his house and the schoolhouse he went to school in. So when it was time for school, they just went around the fence and in the schoolhouse.

Mr. Couture and his family also had other work to do for farming. They had to at first spread manure by using a pitchfork, then Mr. Couture's dad bought a manure spreader and they already had a tractor to run it with. Later, Mr. Couture's dad bought a manure loader so they didn't have to use a pitchfork to load it. They also had to clean the cows' stalls, bed the cows' stalls, and throw hay down for the cows to eat, and they had to do all of this every day to have clean and healthy cows. Then again, they had to mow and gather the hay. Mostly it was Mr. Couture that did the mowing and gathering the hay because his father let him start driving tractor at the age of 8 years old. But he also had to bail the hay into square bails because he and his father owned no round bail bailer. It was easy back then to lift a square bail because back then they made smaller square bails than the square bails farmers make today. The ones they made back then were only 45-50 pounds, the ones farmers make today are 90-100 pounds. They also had different lengths of times they had to work. Like in the Winter they had to work all day accept when they ate their meals. And in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, they worked part of the day.

So do you like how Mr. Couture's life is so interesting? I sure do! All of the work they had to do in them days is so different then the work we do today. I think that it is fair that kids had to work in the barn, but what I think that isn't fair is that they had to get up at 4a.m. to work in the barn. But Mr. Couture really didn't care because he loved working with his cows.