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Maple Sugaring

farmer01 photoHey, do you want to know about people that made maple syrup? Well, Mr. Couture's life sounds good. Mr. Couture started making maple syrup when he was 9 so he has a lot to tell.

Mr. Couture's father bought a farm in Jay, and decided to start maple sugaring. When Mr. Couture got old enough he really wanted to help.

There family made 1300 gallons a year and about 40 gallons a day. If the weather was good Mr. Couture would have to boil all night long, and that is a long time without sleep.

The best weather for sugaring is between March 10 and April 20 that is when it is warm.sugar maples photo He had over 1000 trees tapped so it took him all day to gather the maple syrup. They couldn't start picking up maple syrup until 9:00 or 10:00a.m. Because the maple syrup was frozen the equipment he used was two teams of horses and a bulldozer to plow the path. He used plastic and tin buckets. He said the plastic made the maple syrup taste like plastic, so he stuck to the tin buckets. He also had a pump that went on his back, and it pumped the sap out of the buckets and into a big tank. At the end of the maple season they had a party and sold the maple syrup. He sold fancy, a, b, and c. The difference between fancy and normal is fancy is a lighter color and it was better tasting. I hope all this talking about maple syrup made you hungry. After talking to Mr. Couture he helped me to understand how good Vermont is at making maple syrup.

maple photoThanks to Mr. Couture you and I know how he made maple syrup.

By Seth V.

I interviewed Edeas Couture