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Henry Bedell, A
Civil War Hero
The Civil War

The Civil War

uniform photoDo you want to learn about the Civil War, what a soapstone or carpetbag is and what it was used for? You will have all the answers right here. Now let's get started answering these questions.

The Civil War started April 12, 1861, and ended four years later. The great battles of the Civil War took place from Vermont to Florida and New Mexico to Tennessee. Soldiers left their families and friends behind to go to the Civil War and they probably missed them very much. Soldiers wrote letters to their families and told them that he/she might not come back and if they didn't they would still love them very much.

Soldiers built barriers with rocks, dirt, wood, etc. helmet photoThey had special clothes they had to wear. Helmets were also important because they might get hit in the head. Soapstone was a big stone that the soldiers used to keep their hands warm in the winter. A carpetbag was used for packing supplies such as guns, food, clothes, pots, pans and haversack. They had a lot of equipment such as hats, sleeping bags, canteens, razors, and personal items. They had belts to keep their swords, guns, rifles, and knives. Some guns were called small arms and muskets. They used different kinds of guns such as pistols. Bullet makers were also very important because they had to make their own bullets.

pistol photoThey also received medals. There are also many types of badges. Some even got the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery. That's cool!

They got $13 dollars per month until June 20, 1964, when they got $16. There were a bunch of coins from the Civil War that were brought back to Westfield, Vermont.

In battle, hundreds and thousands of soldiers died and many were injured. Many ghosts still roam the battlefields that they fought on.