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Marlboro PROJECT
Betsy MacArthur:
Bob and Joanne Gutt:
Sweet Briar General Store
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John MacArthur:
Science Professor

Lucy Gratwick:
Ruth White:
Hogback Mountain Ski Resort

Work in Marlboro: A community History Project

Work in Marlboro
town hall photo

In the spring of 2004, David Holzapfel's class of fifth and sixth graders and the Marlboro Historical Society received a grant from the Vermont Historical Society to do a community history project. Our project is called "Work in Marlboro."

We divided the class into crews of four to go out into the town and interview people; collecting information about their lives and their work in Marlboro. Each crew was made up of an interviewer, the person who asks the informant questions, an audio recorder to record the interview which ranged anywhere from fifteen minutes to over an hour, a student who operates the video camera, and the student who uses the digital still camera.

This winter, we're using PowerPoint to make slideshows about the people we interviewed last year. We have split into production teams. After viewing an interview and taking notes, each team writes a biography and creates a slideshow for each of the people they've been assigned. The slideshows we've made will be on the Vermont Historical Society website. Basically, we're creating a digital book for their website. We are also creating an archive for the Marlboro Historical Society because it will keep all the results of our work for historians of the future.

From when we started this project, we've learned a lot. We've learned to operate the interview equipment, how to write a portrait about someone, and how to conduct an interview. We have also learned how to use PowerPoint, and most importantly, we've learned about people in town and about their lives and jobs.

So far, we have recorded about thirty interviews. We have nearly one hundred people on our complete list. We have a lot of work still to do! But this experience for our class and the town has been a great one. We were so glad to have gotten to do this project.