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Marlboro PROJECT
Betsy MacArthur:
Bob and Joanne Gutt:
Sweet Briar General Store
Diana Heiskell:

John MacArthur:
Science Professor

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Ruth White:
Hogback Mountain Ski Resort

Work in Marlboro: A community History Project

Diana Heiskell: Painter
town hall photo

Diana's Personal Life

Diana Heiskell was born in Paris, France in 1910. She moved to Marlboro, Vermont in 1942. She moved here because World War II was going on in France and her family was already in the United States. She didn't know anything about America or Vermont but it sounded wonderful to her.

Diana has lived in Marlboro for sixty-four years. She likes Vermont because it is very quiet.

She has lived in the same house since she moved here. In Diana's spare time she likes to garden.

family photo
group photo

Diana's Work

Diana Heiskell is a ninety-four year old artist. She paints pictures for a living though she used to be a photographer's assistant. She studied art at Parsons School of Art in Paris.

family photo
group photo

Diana has continued to be an artist because she loves to paint. She's very passionate about it even though it can be frustrating. She has had a studio in Marlboro since she moved here. She has shown her work in New York and in Brattleboro, Vermont.