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Marlboro PROJECT
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Ruth White:
Hogback Mountain Ski Resort

Work in Marlboro: A community History Project

Ruth White: Hogback Mountain Ski Resort and Gift Shop

Ruth White's Personal Life

Ruth White moved to Marlboro, Vermont from New York in 1951. She has lived here with her husband, Arnold, for fifty-three years. They have twin daughters, Sue and Sally. Ruth and Arnold owned Hogback Mountain Ski Resort and the Gift Shop.

ruth white photo
ruth white photo

She also worked at the Marlboro Inn (the present-day, Southern Vermont Natural History Museum) from 1951-1956.

Hogback and the Gift Shop

frames photoRuth and her husband owned and operated Hogback Mountain from 1946 until 1996. Ruth opened the Gift Shop because she had a background in management. She loved every part of running the Gift Shop and her work at the Mountain.

A typical work day was that Ruth would arrive at the Mountain at 9:30 a.m. Seven or eight clerks worked at the Gift Shop during the years she ran the business. Hogback Mountain closed because they couldn't make enough snow, and the insurance companies were demanding too much. They sold the businesses in 1996 when they retired.