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Montgomery PROJECT
Cast & Crew
Setting & Context
Film Clip

Montgomery: Dexter's March:


The Young Men
: larger than others, a bit of a bully:
: a bit smaller than Homer, an instigator:
: a whittler, and a follower:
: doesn't have much patience with Homer:
: A younger boy (14), wants to fit in, looks up to Homer:
: Another 14 year old, who is accompanying John Abbey:
: An older boy (20) doesn't really like to be with the boys, He has nothing else to do Sunday afternoon-encourages the match:


The Preacher

: A great preacher of temperance-he was very against fighting, the war, and all drinking:

The Teacher

A young man of 25, who is (possibly) boarding with Otis N. Kelton (who would become town treasurer two years later), a prominent businessman, and owner of a successful gristmill:

The Soldier

: Had been taken prisoner by the confederates on June 29th, 1862- Ended captivity in August of 1862-discharged with a disability in October of 1852-Made it home in July of 1865:

Film Crew

Script Supervisor:
Quality/Consistency Supervisor:
Cast Supervisor/Production Manager:
Lighing /Technical Advice:

Film based on the script written by Taylor Greenway
Research by The eighth grade class at Montgomery Elementary School