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Williston PROJECT
June 2004
Williston History Tours
October 2004
Kick off Celebration
January 2005
January 2005
Script Writing
February 2005
Play Production
March 2005
Play Performance
April 2005
Montpelier Celebration
May 2005
Vermont History Expo
June 2005
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Kick Off Ceremony

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On January 10, 2005 we met our mentors, who were Williston Historical Society members and part of the Community History Project. We interviewed and introduced our mentors on stage. We did activities to get to know them and had a lot of fun in the process. The teachers even performed for all of us to ease our anxiety about performing. Later, we researched our topics and got information that we needed to write the play.
Above left, Playwright-in-residence Ethan Bowen directs Mrs. Mahony during the skit on January 10, 2005. Right, Ginger Isham, president of the Williston Historical Society, is introduced by student Olivia I. during the January kick off.