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Williston PROJECT
June 2004
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October 2004
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January 2005
January 2005
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February 2005
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March 2005
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April 2005
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May 2005
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June 2005
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Spring 2004 Presentations

smallwood photo
Thomas Chittenden biographer Frank Smallwood points to a map of New England during his presentation on Thomas Chittenden.

In early May 2004, local experts came to Phoenix House and gave presentations about Williston's past for our Community History Project

  • Archaeologist Doug Fink showed us a PowerPoint about Williston's earliest inhabitants.
  • Dr Frank Smallwood talked about Thomas Chittenden and who he was, where he lived, and what he did.
  • Richard Allen spoke about the Geography of Williston and the History of North Williston.
  • Ruth Painter led a discussion about the History of Recreation in Williston.
  • Ginger Isham and Karen Hennig taught us about the collections and resources available to us to research.

This gave us some background information about our local history and potential topics to research for our play.

Archaeologist Douglas Frink explains where the first Native Americans were located in Vermont.
frink photo
Williston Historical Society president Ginger Isham presents to the students on historical society resources and artifacts.
isham photo