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Williston PROJECT
June 2004
Williston History Tours
October 2004
Kick off Celebration
January 2005
January 2005
Script Writing
February 2005
Play Production
March 2005
Play Performance
April 2005
Montpelier Celebration
May 2005
Vermont History Expo
June 2005
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Historical Tours of Williston

statue photo school photoIn October 2004, Phoenix House went on walking and bus tours to many historical places in Williston. Some of the places were the Catamount Family Center, which was built for Thomas Chittenden's son and the Town Hall. We went on the tours to develop ideas for the play we were about to write and so that we knew how people lived and worked in Williston. The tours also helped with designing and creating scenes for the play.
Above left, Phoenix House students view the statute of Thomas Chittenden. The Stovepipe Corner School, the Old Brick Church, and the Town Hall were stops on the walking tour.
church photo town hall photo