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The Amazing Bike Ride

town photo

On my interview with Gordon Cole for our class's oral history projects, he told me some information about Worcester long ago. The next morning I woke up and got a call from my best friend, asking if I could meet him at the tennis court. I asked my mom and she said, " Yes!" I hugged my mom and was on my way.

When I got to the bottom of Gould Hill, I started to realize something. Everything went from new to old. Right by the road was a sawmill, and next to that was a huge covered bridge! When I got through the covered bridge!

I kept looking everywhere. As I came out of the bridge, I could see logs running down the North Branch.

The sound of the saw at the mill hurt my ears so bad I wanted to go faster, but I was so fascinated in everything around me!.
saw mill photo
The next thing I saw was the Meningers' house, but . . . was that really their house? I'm confused! It looks the same, but not the same. Where am I?!
old house photo

townphotoI went to go find my friends, but two things I was looking for weren't there. My friends, and the tennis court! This is getting way too out of hand. Then I said to myself, "Calm down, Ethan."

I passed the field that the tennis court is supposed to be! Then I had a thought that was, I should get a drink to cool myself off. When I was riding down the road I looked down the street to see if anything else had changed, and there was. Where the store is now was a big field. So I looked around and saw two men working outside of their store and I thought, " Yes, someone that I can talk to."

I rode over to talk, when they said, "Are you all right?"

"Yes, I think so."

doty photoThey asked again, " Do you want to come in and get a drink?"

Then I asked them, " Who are you two men?" They said they were Earl Doty and Earl Maxham! "Wow, you are really them? I see you in an old picture in my school library."

After I met the two men and got a drink, I wanted to explore the town even more, so I went down the really bumpy road – it was a gravel road, not paved at all.

Since I had nothing to do, I wanted to go to Gordon Cole's house to thank him for the interview, but when I knocked and got into his house, I saw two men sitting down next to what I thought was a million plug–ins. So I did the polite thing and asked, " What are you running?" They were the men that ran the town switchboard.

After all that happened and I talked to the two kind men, I was not going to give up trying to find my friends. So I went up the road and saw four women getting their picture taken, in front of a house that said Post Office. They looked really scary, they had croquet mallets, and they looked like they were about to hit me. They also were dressed like women from even longer ago than the people I had met so far. When I looked across the road, I saw a stable behind the church, and realized I was now back before the time of cars!

croquet photo
church photo

I began to realize something else. As I kept on going down the road, I was going farther and farther back in time!

That was a little alarming, so I turned my bike around and thought I should go home before I get in any trouble. I was going up Gould Hill and I thought I would never get home. But when I finally got home my mom was there, and I told her the whole story. And that's what happened to me the day after I interviewed Gordon Cole. I hope you liked the story of the Amazing Bike Ride!