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airport photo

If I could go back sixty years ago in Worcester, Vermont, I would see the Worcester airport. I wanted to know how it looked and what it was like riding on the airplanes. Some of the people I interviewed, like Gordon Cole, Jim and Audrey Richardson, and Alice and Doc Sicely gave me some details about the airport.

A lot of people who live in Worcester today don't even know there once was an airport here. I'm especially interested in the airport because I found out that I live right next to where the airport used to be.

Gordon Cole told me where the airport went, and it was right through Wayne Richardson's field and my family's field. Wayne's my neighbor, out on the Elmore Road about half a mile north of the village. Jim told me that a little brook went right under the runway in a culvert. Now the brook runs freely through a patch of woods and under the road. There were two hangars, and Gordon told me they were going to build another, but they never finished it. The hangar near my house is shaped to fit an airplane. Now people use the hangars for storage.

hangar photo hangar photo

One day after school, David Maxham took Jimmy Richardson on a plane. Jim said it was fun and bumpy on the plane. Gordon said he went for three plane rides from the airport. The planes that flew from Worcester were two-seaters, and the Maxhams flew them for pleasure and for business trips to Boston and New York.

What I thought was cool is that at the Fourth of July, a man would jump out with a parachute, and before he let the parachute came out, he would do tricks. The kids thought that was cool! I heard about that from the Sicely's.

The airport is old now and you can hardly tell where the runway was. An old airport hangar is still standing near my house, and there are gravelly pieces on the ground. I wonder if the gravel pieces I keep finding may be part of the old runway. I have other questions too. I'd like to find out more about the old airport.

Thank you to all the people who helped me learn about the old Worcester airport.
Alice & Doc Sicely in our classroom, after their interview with Jennifer Forbes, Jordan Jones, and Zeb Bolduc
group photo