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Life on Eagle Ledge Road

farm photo school photo
Elden Brown's family farm, on Eagle Ledge Road Wheeler School (photo from Dorothy Bador White's parents, early 1900's)

My fourth grade class is studying the history of Worcester, Vermont. My subject is Eagle Ledge Road in the year 1930.

I interviewed Elden Brown and his wife, Helen Brown. One thing Elden told us that was interesting was that they did not take baths every day of the week. In the summer, baths were taken outside in a wooden tub. Elden helped on the farm before school and after school. He helped by milking the cows, and getting fresh hay for the cows. Elden's family had an icebox for food, milk, and other drinks.

baby photo employees photo
Earlene Dailey as a baby, having her bath in a washtub Here are some of the employees who worked at the mattress factory, which was located in the building that used to be the Wheeler School. It operated during World War II.

Elden went to school at Wheeler School on Eagle Ledge Road. Audrey Beauregard told me that, when that school closed in 1941, it was a mattress factory during World War II. Now it's a house owned by Audrey and Carl Beauregard, in 2005.

Elden told me about maple sugaring when he was a child. He said that they didn't have plastic tubing. Instead they had tin buckets to collect the sap. Elden and his father Lynn collected the sap with horse and sleigh. This is a picture of Elden when he was four years old, and his father, Lynn, collecting sap with a horse and sleigh in 1930.

Thanks to Elden Brown and his wife, Helen for telling me all these details from the past!

sleigh photo kitchen photo
Lynn Brown, with his son Elden, who was four years old – they are collecting sap with a horse and sleigh (1930) Jordan F. and Ethan T. interviewing Elden and Helen Brown, in the Brown's kitchen (fall, 2004)