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Time Traveling
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The Amazing Bike Ride

Time Traveling

"I hate Worcester history!" I said to myself, as I headed to the bathroom. The lights were off. I felt around for the switch but couldn't find it. I figured that the power must have gone out, so I opened the door to tell my teacher that it was out, but instead of walking into the hallway, I walked into what looked like ... my history lesson.

It looked like I was behind the White School. I turned around and saw an outhouse. "So I must have been in the outhouse, not the school bathroom," I thought. I opened up the door to the outhouse, seeing if it would take me back to school, but it didn't. I decided to venture out to see what I could see.

schoolhouse photo school photo
Worcester Village School, late 1800's

I saw some school kids playing. They were throwing a ball over the school and as they did that I heard one of the kids say "anti I over!" It was weird though because they were all dressed up like the kids in a picture I saw once in my history class. They didn't wear clothes like we do. The girls wore mostly dresses, and the boys wore white shirts with either pants or knickers. There were no jeans or sneakers in sight.

Suddenly a door popped up in the middle of the schoolyard. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but no one had. I slowly walked toward the door. I opened it and looked inside. It looked safe, so I walked inside. As soon as I walked in, the door shut behind.

I screamed and pushed the door, and I fell into a classroom. But it looked nothing like my classroom. In fact, it looked like no classroom I'd ever seen. For one thing, it looked like the kids ranged in age from about first grade to fourth or fifth grade. All the desks were in rows, two students to a desk, and they were all screwed tightly to the floor!

There was a teacher who had been writing on the blackboard, and kids who had been reading, and by "had" I mean now they were all staring at me!

"Well, sit down!" said the teacher in a quiet but very stern voice.

"Ooookay," I said.

Hunt school photo
Hunt School, interior view

The youngest students – I guess they were the first graders – went and sat on a bench in the front for their arithmetic lesson with the teacher. All the rest of the children had their own lessons to work on. My group was copying multiplication problems from the board and solving them. After a while I asked, "When's gym?"

"There is no gym!" said the teacher in that same stern voice.

Then I asked, "May I go to the bathroom?"

"If you're really, really quick," said the teacher.

"Okay," I said. I got up from the desk I had been sitting at and opened the classroom door. I saw the teacher from upstairs with a kid in the hall. She gave him a slap on the side of his face. I shivered. "I'm glad they don't do that where I go to school," I thought.

Before I knew it, I was back in front of the outhouse that had brought me here. "If this outhouse wasn't an inanimate object, I would thank it," I said softly.

I opened the outhouse door, walked in, and shut the door behind me. It was still dark, so I felt for the switch, found it, and turned on the light. I opened the door and walked into the Doty School hallway. "Everything is back to normal," I thought to myself. As I headed back to my class, I said, "I love Worcester history."